Beauty is everywhere.


Photography is my yoga.  It’s my drive up Highway 1 with the windows down; my walk in the woods at dusk; my dip in Lake Michigan in August.

It's my pause button.

Because even on those days when it feels like we are sprinting to catch up with this life racing by; or when it seems like we are climbing uphill and gasping for air, if we just slow down to see, I mean really, really see… we'll notice that what we are looking for is already there.  

Waiting there in life's subtleties, beauty is everywhere.



hand me a camera and send me on my way..

Growing up in a small industrial town in Michigan, my curiousity for travel and big city life began about the same time I first picked up my parents’ Kodak Instamatic camera.  A documentarian at heart from the beginning, I've been fascinated with people and telling their stories ever since.

I am honored to have earned my degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2003, where I learned the traditional craft from masters in the field.  Those slow and contemplative days, shooting film and making fiber prints in the darkroom, taught me that a picture has not truly become a photograph until it is printed.  My days in Chicago also provided invaluable experience shooting regularly for Chicago Children's Museum and working full-time for one of Chicago's finest photographers.

In early 2006, my husband and I were transplanted to Los Angeles for his work as an animator/illustrator.  It was near the beginning of our 5 year stint in California that my photography business was born; and I began applying the same passion and commitment for clients as I have for my personal work.

In late 2010, we were pulled back to our Midwestern roots and took a chance with Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It was love at first hike.  Since then, I have quickly built a loyal clientele in West Michigan while traveling throughout the U.S. to work with new and long-term clients alike.  

From NYC to San Francisco, from Hilton Head Island to Chicago, and many visits back to Los Angeles, I am so grateful to combine three of my strongest passions: photography, travel, and connection...  Because there's really nothing better than the relationships that have bloomed as a result of this meaningful work.


    • Cypress Fine Handmade Albums and Boxes (Album design featured at trade shows and on website)
    • Bali Institute (Featured photos on website and in newsletters)
    • Pinhole Press / Pro (Personal photo book featured in printed brochure and website)

        specializing in:

    • travel, editorial, & commercial photography: assignment photography, image licensing, & fine art prints
    • documentary, lifestyle, vacation child & family photography 
    • authentic portraits, headshots, & branding photography for small businesses and entrepreneurs  

    selected publications:

    • The Lake Michigan Cottage Cookbook, Storey Publishing, April 2018
    • Where to Retire Magazine, May/June 2018
    • Greenhouse Management Magazine, Cover Story, July 2017
    • Nursery Management Magazine: Cover Story, Sept. 2016
    • Midwest Living Magazine, March/April 2015
    • Traverse Magazine, Full Spread Feature Opener, July 2014 
    • The Intelligent Optimist Magazine, August 2013
    • Los Angeles, 2008
    • Chicago Public, 2008
    • Chicago Children's Museum, 2005 
    • Chicago Tribune, 2004
    • Chicago Parent Magazine, Jan. 2004
    Excerpted from The Lake Michigan Cottage Cookbook Copyright Teri Genovese (top) and Johnny Autry (bottom). Used with permission from Storey Publishing.  See cookbook tear sheets  here .

    Excerpted from The Lake Michigan Cottage Cookbook Copyright Teri Genovese (top) and Johnny Autry (bottom). Used with permission from Storey Publishing.  See cookbook tear sheets here.

    Traverse Magazine, July 2014 Full Spread Feature Opener

    Traverse Magazine, July 2014 Full Spread Feature Opener